All work shown has been soley developed and designed by Jonathan Hammond unless otherwise stated :)


I am an avid prototyper and a believer in failing early, failing fast and failing often inorder to find the perfect design fit. As I design I prototype focusing on UX/UI and IxD. Developers time is expensive and design exploration is essential to find the right fit before beginning development.

Each prototyping tool I use I develop and shape in order to be shaped back by. All my work featured is free and open sourced with the prototyping community.

"If a picture is worth 1000 words, a prototype is worth 1000 meetings." —saying at @ideo


As an early hardware tester for Kinect, Leap Motion and Thalmic Labs I developed augmented reality 3D controller application's for their launch.

These application inturn allowed me to test UX and UI design in three dimensions, key for VR / AR / MR prototyping.

Mixed Reality

Mixed Reality is the future i've been waiting for. Along side UI designs I build / test / and learn the best pratices for 3D human interactions on many different peripherals.

Whether its your face, fingers, body or your arm, i’ve designed a musical controller for them! And made fun video's to demonstrate.

Creative Projects

From halloween stunts in a London cinema for Pepsi, facemapping for Fat Boy Slim, unique kiosks for O2, audio visual installations for Future Fest events and concept installtions for Footlocker, Nike and Plastic Pictures.


Great technical knowledge of popular music production software including Serato and Ableton Live. Stage designer for Fatboy Slim and JFB.


Since July 2015 I have been Techical Art Director for Sprung Studios.

Sprung Studios is an UX / UI consultancy studio for leading game studios. At Sprung I create working UI / UX wireframe and animations prototypes for mobile and console games. Below are a selection of companies we have worked with