I have released OSX applications for cutting edge technologies including Leap Motion, Thalmic Labs, Ableton Live and Microsoft Kinect.

I have built plugins for Quartz Composer, Final Cut Pro, After Effects and Motion.


I design and build high fluidity prototypes for Mobile, Desktop, Web and Film.

Focusing on user Interaction design (IxD), User interfaces design (UI), Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and User Experience (UX).


I’ve built Pepsi halloween stunts in a London cinema, magical adverts for Leap Motion, unique kiosks for O2, installations for Future Fest 2015, concepted technological adverts for Footlocker, Nike and Plastic Pictures.

Human Computer Interaction

Whether its your face, body, fingers or your arm, i’ve designed musical controllers for them! And made fun videos to demonstrate ;)


Great technical knowledge of popular music production software including Serato and Ableton Live. Stage designer for Fatboy Slim and JFB.


I have been awarded contacts and early access to the most revolutionaly hardware on the market today.

I was the first developer in the UK to develop for the Kinect, Leap Motion and Myo from Thalmic Labs. In this time I test, create UX guidelines and build application for their hardware launch.

Arduio developer and Internet of Things (IoT) builder. Bluetooth (BLE) abuser.